Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The point

OK, I've created a couple of drafts with potential blog topics, but I haven't written a full, coherent post yet. So, I'm going to start posting my thoughts publicly, hopefully to start some discussion and help me flesh-out my ideas.

Erin finished her Pseudo-Triathlon, which is inspiring me to perspire more. I've ridden my bike home from work twice in the past 2 weeks (about 10 miles each if my cyclometer is accurate) and I'm considering the Bike the C-Bus tour on Saturday. I may not go the full 30 miles, especially if I ride from home and back, but with enough breaks in there, who knows?

Posted some pics of the recent family vacation if you'd like to check them out. Mom & Dad came in from California for a couple of weeks, so we loaded up the family, Mom & Dad, and my sister's family, and headed for the Hocking Hills. Stayed 3 nights in a lovely 3,000 sq ft "cabin" complete with hot tub, two decks, and a pool table. The twins tried their best to hide their misery - there was no cell phone reception out there and they hardly knew what to do with themselves. Justin (Maggie's youngest) is becoming a professional door-opener, which is why some of his pics are right by the front door, as it was his favorite hangout at the cabin.

Sold my BlackBerry on eBay - someone took the "buy it now" so that puts $300 in my pocket (minus fees of course)! Maybe I'll be able to get that new bike sooner rather than later.

Well, this wasn't the most discussion-prompting post, but I guess that's partly the point of this blog - just get my thoughts / memories out there. I'm sure something more controversial will come up soon enough.

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