Friday, August 22, 2008


Rode my bike to work today. I did not plan to ride my bike all the way to work, it just sort of happened. The original plan was to ride maybe a mile or two and then catch the bus, but I swear the route to work must be all downhill it felt so easy.

Temperature was nice and cool, traffic wasn't bad at all, so I just kept riding. Of course, since I hadn't planned to ride all the way, I was wearing my work clothes. Even at a slow pace and in cooler weather, I arrived quite... moist. (No, I did not have a close encounter with Dr. Horrible's sidekick.) Oh well, I'll just have to sign up at the fitness center here at work so I can get a shower.

Saw 7 rabbits and a goldfinch along the way. Nice way to start a Friday.

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